What's This Site All About?

Life is pretty tough and I've been floundering for quite a while. I know how to mess around on the computer and I love music. Now I have some human beings that I am helping raise (for better or worse). This website is a veritable who's who of that generic information. I don't want to force my kids in to an abusive Jackson 5 scenario, but I do want to help them navigate life with my favorite (legal) crutch: music. It's helped me through the good and the bad so I figure it could help them too. Raising kids is superfly tough, and I am looking for all the short-cuts I can. Any help would be appreciated.

The latest Ryan Adams, Deer Tick, Father John Misty, Dawes and Iron & Wine albums are superb. Check them out!

I think the kids call that last suggestion Evergreen. I'm not all that hip, although I do love me some Phish. You can take away five street cred points if you are keeping score. Please don't keep score.