Cartoons To Watch: Motown Magic

Whatever Kool-Aid or similar type of thing Netflix is drinking, I would like them to continue to do so. A while back I mentioned their original show Beat Bugs, a kids cartoon where each episode is based on a song by The Beatles. It's not incredibly amazing, but it is pretty good and musical cartoons featuring actual songs I like are pretty rare. Thankfully they went back to a similar well with their newish show Motown Magic, based on songs by The Beatles.

A fun-filled show about music, magic & the power of imagination, told through the sounds of one of the world's most iconic catalogs, Motown - on Netflix.

Oh, it's Motown songs. That makes more sense. I actually like the show a bit more than the aforementioned Beat Bugs, but that may just be how much fun Motown is. Also magic. I think most kids will like it considering those factors, but check out the trailer below and judge for yourself.