Handwriting: Band Members

Teaching your kids to write letters, as opposed to thoughts and sentences, is one of the most menial tasks I have yet to encounter. The interwebs can be your friend with plenty of readily available custom worksheet generators, but there are only so many times you can steal jokes from The Simpson's chalkboard gags and be the only one laughing in the room.

I did not see Elvis.

I did not see Elvis.

Other quickly fleeting handwriting worksheet ideas to humor only yourself: Spaceballs, Caddshack and/or Die Hard quotes, haikus, Florida Man headlines.

As you can see, I fill my head with lots of information, sure you can argue the merits of the specific information, but you can also argue that tacos are not yummy and delicious. One of the things I like to try to do with my kids is to double the information, usually in a background way, and hope over time some of it just soaks in. The point of these handwriting worksheets is to work on handwriting, but why not sprinkle some very important music history in there, while also getting more familiar with a bunch of generic names.

Each sheet includes the band name as well as the first name of all the original/main members. In time you can add what instrument they play, their last name, favorite food. Anything you need.

Take any of the sheets you would like below and if there is some band you want included just leave a comment and I'll try and get to whatever I can.