Youtubing Life: Glen Phillips

Ever since I cared about things on my own, I have cared about Glen Phillips. He has a special place in my heart that is usually reserved for romantic interests or folklore. For those that are unfamiliar Glen was the frontman of the great Toad The Wet Sprocket, named from the amazing Monty Python bit Rock Notes, which is certainly worth a listen if you are unfamiliar. While doing my best to not wax poetic about the strength of Glen's solo work, as well as the entire Toad catalog, I would like to note that my desert island record collection would include at least one record involving Mr. Phillips, assuming I was granted at least four records: a Beatles album, The Beach Boys, Glen something, and whatever random other thing I was obsessing on at the time (usually Ryan Adams, currently Father John Misty). For whatever reason I have skipped over this glorious youtube video for the last couple years, but you shouldn't. It is great.

Life comes at you pretty fast according to Ferris Bueller. I recommend you slow it down a bit and listen to this brilliant guy talk about life and art and stuff that matters with Jarrett Bellini. It's very smart, important and relevant, especially with this shit show we are struggling through now in America. Challenge yourself, always. It's best for everyone you know and care about.

Glen's most recent awesome album Swallowed By The New is available on vinyl here.