Bribe Your Kids Into Shape With Beatles Bucks

Attitude comes pretty quick and astoundingly often once the fever strikes. There's really not much you can do about it, you just take your losses and hopefully move on to fight another day. Of course after you lose that specific battle of attrition you need to come up with a plan, and in reality it feels more like a miracle. We needed to bring out the big guns, those swell old lads from Liverpool.

The idea was pretty basic: reward our kids with fake money and offer things they could buy with the fake money. Good behavior would earn you "money", bad behavior would have it taken away. Nothing too groundbreaking unless of course you consider engaging in blatant bribery at a young age groundbreaking. I wouldn't blame you.

Lego blind bags? That'll be $3 Beatles Bucks thank you very much. The new Dogman book Lord of the Fleas? That'll cost you $10. A trip to the miniature golf course? That's at least a couple Lennons ($20 bill). You get the idea. I had to resist from offering a puppy for a $1000 in fear my friends would think I was running a sweat shop. They would literally be scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush.

Beatles Bucks